A little Miracle – YOU NEED TO READ THIS !! … Dec 2018

So it has been an absolutely crazy week for Racheli, me and Batya…..

We were booked into the hospital to have major head surgery where they were going to open her skull and push it forward.

Batya was already fasting for the procedure and lightly sedated before the procedure…

One final heart eco examination was just requested before the surgery..  The examination is taking place when the specialist cardiologist discovers a strange shape near Batyas’ heart.

The medical team decide to do a full in depth scan of the area near her heart to check it in more detail.

When they get the results the findings are astonishing…

The cyst like strange shape that they saw on the scan was some water on her right lung… which was pressing against her heart…a problem… but thank GOD not a growth on her heart…

But what was more astonishing was this….. The doctors continued to look at the scan results and they could suddenly see that Batya’s superior venae cava (her main blood vein retuning blood from the brain back to the heart) was totaly blocked… !!!! In any other case this would mean that the patient was dead….

What is amazing in Batya is that GOD through her body found a new pathway for the blood to flow..the blood circulatory system in Batya is totally different from any other person alive.. now the blood somehow drains into the inferior vena cavae and in a totally different way…. ..this has allowed her body to find an equalibrium that allows her to be stable and comfortable…. fully oxygenated and happy… her blood pressure and vitals are well within the normal range…..

This has doctors suprised to say the least…

One more proof that God is our Healer.

However… this did of course mean that with immediate effect the planned surgery could not go ahead…. The doctors and surgeons thought that the risk of the operation was to high as a result of these findings… We need to reasess the situation as a result.

So after a week of prep in intensive care getting ready for the first big operation… we found ourselves back at home ..(somewhat gladly…) with Batya back to our regular care routine…

Its been a crazy rollercoaster of a week… got to tell you….

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