Batyas’ Baha Band

Hi everyone…

Just another short update….so as you know, Batya is deaf in both ears, mainly because her ear canals aren’t correctly lined up..

We are hoping to get this Baha Band next week for Batya, it should give her the ability to hear immediately… what amazing technology…

This is a huge step for us… Batya is Blind and deaf… and having one of her senses is so important…

Finally we hope that she may be able to hear….

We wont know if it works for at least 2 weeks after it has been fitted…. but apparently they do sometimes get amazing results…

So heres to being excited that Batya may be able to hear for the first time ….

Will keep you updated…

R, N & B

4 thoughts on “Batyas’ Baha Band”

  1. Hi. Did you get the band and did it help Batya with her hearing? Please let us know update when you are able.


    1. Hi, We did get a hearing band… however not the baha band… the band we got unfortunately hasn’t worked on Batya, we think possibly due to the frequency. We have now requested that they change the band they gave us to the baha 5 which works at different frequencies. We were a bit disappointed because we had such high hopes that she might hear… I will keep you updated. Let’s hope we get the baha 5 and that it makes a difference…. fingers crossed 🙂

  2. Batya is absolutely beautiful & NO ONE can take that away from you both. I think you’re two remarkable people & the world can learn a lot from you both. Carry on loving Batya like you do. She was blessed with you & you with her xxxxx

  3. Please don’t let the nasty people get you both down! You don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why you chose life for Batya. My husband and I have been through something similar this year, and we chose not to abort for similar religious reasons and aborting my unborn child was just not something I was capable of doing. God interveened and took him after 3 precious hours here on earth. Hold your little one tight and love on her for as long as she is here. She is still here for a reason. You are extradinary parents and theres a reason why she was sent to you! Stay strong!

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